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The main North Ridge site now shows the following Interclubs.

Remember to Rely upon Communications from the SGA Board and the NRCC Pro Shop.
This Website is un-official and should be used for general planning, only.

Note-1: This is NOT an official / fully-verified list. Use the following for initial-planning, only. There may be events added/subtracted as time moves along.

Note-2: Please use this list for PLANNING PURPOSES only. The only "official" material is located on the NRCC SGA Bulletin Board in the Men's locker room or on the NRCC Club's main-site (especially for event signup; see the note, below):

Note-3: Interclub and other SGA event signup will now be done online using the Club's site or by your contacting the Pro Shop. Event signup will no longer be done via the SGA Bulletin Board in the locker room. If this causes you any concern, give me a comeback and I will alert the SGA board. eMail me via:

Dave Shogren -

Some information of particular interest from past notes from the SGA board:

  • You must belong to the North Ridge SGA in order to sign up for the Interclub events.

  • If you sign up and find that you need to cancel, cancellations must be reported to the North Ridge Pro Shop at least 72 hours prior to the event to avoid a charge to your account.

  • Look for signup sheets to be available on the NRCC Club Website approximately three weeks prior to each event.

    If you find that you must cancel after signing up, contact the Pro Shop.

    Don't hesitate to sign up on any Wait-List; often, we are allowed a few extra players and wait-list players are, then contacted to confirm that they are still available for play on the event date.

Date Location Participating Clubs
Monday April 2
At Twelve Oaks CC
Twelve Oaks, North Ridge, Chapel Hill, Devils Ridge, Hasentree, Preserve, Prestonwood
Monday April 9
At Hasentree CC
Hasentree, North Ridge, Chapel Hill, Croasdaile, Governors, MacGregor, Preserve, Prestonwood
Monday April 23
At Bentwinds CC
Bentwinds, North Ridge, Brier Creek, Chapel Hill, Croasdaile, Devils Ridge, Governors, Hasentree, MacGregor, Preserve, Prestonwood, Twelve Oaks
Wednesday May 9 At Chapel Hill CC
For the scoreboard and a few photos taken during the event, click on:

Results and a few photos from Chapel Hill CC May 9, 2018

Chapel Hill, North Ridge, Bentwinds, MacGregor, Prestonwood
Tuesday May 22 At North Ridge

Results from North Ridge May 22, 2018

North Ridge, Brier Creek, Governors, Hasentree, Preserve, Prestonwood
Thursday May 31 At Croasdaile CC
Croasdaile, North Ridge, Bentwinds, Chapel Hill, Hasentree, MacGregor, Twelve Oaks
Wednesday June 13
At Prestonwood CC
Prestonwood, North Ridge, Bentwinds, Chapel Hill, Devils Ridge, Governors, MacGregor
Wednesday June 27
At Devil's Ridge CC
Devil's Ridge, North Ridge, Bentwinds, Brier Creek, Croasdaile, Prestonwood, Wilson
Tuesday August 7 At Brier Creek CC
Brier Creek, North Ridge, Bentwinds, Chapel Hill, Croasdaile, Hasentree, MacGregor, Wilson
Tuesday August 21 At Preserve CC
Preserve, North Ridge, Bentwinds, Devils Ridge, Prestonwood, Twelve Oaks
Wednesday Sept. 5
At MacGregor CC
MacGregor, North Ridge , Chapel Hill, Governors, Hasentree, Prestonwood, Wilson
Thursday Sept. 20
At Governors Club
Governors Club, North Ridge, Bentwinds, Chapel Hill, Devils Ridge, MacGregor, Prestonwood
Tuesday October 2
At North Ridge
North Ridge, Bentwinds, Chapel Hill, Croasdaile, Devils Ridge, MacGregor, Twelve Oaks
Wednesday October 24
Devils Ridge

(CASMGA Trophy Competition)

Devils Ridge, North Ridge, Bentwinds, Brier Creek, Chapel Hill, Croasdaile, Governors, Hasentree, MacGregor, Preserve, Prestonwood, Twelve Oaks
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Interclub - Reward Leaders for the Year

Note: The following excludes events that the Webmaster has not played in. If you know of any NRCC results from such events, please contact the Webmaster at: send mail to: for NRCC SGA Interclub results.

Known events not included below are: Hopefully, sometime, all dates will be reported.... but, only if you report results from Interclubs that I have not participated in. Thank you, for your cooperation.


Total Reward Points
(1st and Ties: 10pts)
(2nd and Ties: 5pts - If Paid)
(3rd/Lower and Ties: 2pts - if Paid)

This could be You! Sometime in April. With Some Points

Interclub General Rules

  • SGA interclub sign-up sheets are intended to be posted three weeks prior to the scheduled interclub.

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