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2014 SGA Tuesday Results

SGA Tuesdays returned in March, 2013 - However: Could not keep going later-on and into 2014. The SGA Tuesday events in 2014 were, once again, basically: Cancelled.

I would guess that players, simply, opted to play as private groups.

A 2013 implemented-proposal for SGA Tuesdays (proposed in an eMail to the SGA members in November 2012) follows and is left here just for convenience.

If you have any comments about 2014 and Senior Tuesday, please give me a comeback.
send mail to:

Implemented (in 2013)

Tuesday Play Day (2013's Rules)

  • Seniors will be allowed to call or go online and make their own tee times on the SGA Course which will be indicated on the tee sheet.
  • The SGA Course will alternate weekly and will be from 8:00-11:00 on that course.
  • Seniors will be able to make their own foursome.
  • Price to enter the seniors game will be $5.00 cash or member charge.
  • Formats will alternate weekly and rules sheets will be supplied by the golf shop which will be published on the tee sheet.

    1. Individual Net
    2. Best Two of Four
    3. Two Man Team Points (Stableford)
    4. Best one of two
    5. Blind Draw Best Ball
    6. Waltz Ė 1 on Par 5s, 2 on par 4s, 3 on Par 3s

  • If seniors book a tee time but do not wish to play in the seniors game - OK!
    If seniors do not plan on playing in the game they can indicate this by a note when the book their tee time or at the golf shop counter the day of the tournament.
  • If Seniors are looking for a game the golf shop will put them on the tee sheet and try to pair them with another group.
  • The tournament tee will be the white tees. Any player playing the blue tees will have 2 strokes added to their blue tee handicap and any player playing the black tees will have 2 strokes deducted from their black tee handicap.
  • To even the playing field and give low and high handicappers a fair chance to win. The field will always be flight (unless participation does not allow)
    Team flights will be determined based on team total or average handicap
  • Weekly formats will be scored and posted by the golf shop in the menís locker room

    90% of weekly pots will be paid out in shop credit, the other 10% will be put into the Points Pot which is detailed below.

      To encourage weekly play and participation a POINTS system will be run by the golf shop.

      Point guide lines are as follows:

      • 1 Point for playing
      • 1 for placing second
      • 2 points for placing 1st
      • Double Points for Interclubs and Reverse Shotguns
      • Interclub points will be on participation only
      • Triple points for Grey Bird and SGA Championship

      10% of each weekly purse will be saved for the Points Pot.

      The points standings will be posted each week on the bulletin board in the Menís Locker Room.

      At the End of the Year the top 5 seniors on the points list will receive percentages of the Point Pot.

Some Anticipated SGA Events
Note: The following is for planning purposes only!
The official North Ridge Website, SGA eMails and SGA Bulleting Board should be your source for all official information.

SGA Special Tuesday Events

  • SGA Invitational: Perhaps, based upon 2013's date, it will be: Wednesday June 4, 2014 (I am NOT certain about this!).

  • SGA / LGA Centurion: Perhaps, based upon 2013's date, Tuesday June 24, 2014 (I am NOT certain about this!). I am also not certain of the event format. However, in the past it has been a Texas Shamble - All drive, select the best drive, each player then played their own ball into the hole. To see the results and a few photos from 2012's Centurion, visit: Centurion Results 2012

  • Mini-tournaments with a reverse shot-gun start with the SGA providing lunch and beer / soft drinks / tea.
    Perhaps, based upon 2013's dates - Tuesdays: April 8, July 8, September 9 2014 (I am NOT certain about these dates!).

  • SGA Championship (Individual Net -Flighted by age): Perhaps, based upon 2013's date - October 14
    (Included Buffet Lunch; In 2013 there WAS ice cream... For the four previous years in a row, someone forgot!)

    In 2013, if I remember correctly, the results were simply flighted by tees: White and Black Tees
    Individual Gross/Net

    For the prior year's information, click on:

    Some Previous Year's Miscellaneous Events

Current Event Results

This page will be updated - if someone gets information to me or posts the Tuesday results on the Senior Bulletin Board while I am around (not in April! I will be out of town).


Event as Played

Flight/Player(s)/Score/Reward if Paid/Points

Some Tuesday

Some Format

Some Results

Shot(s) of The Day

If you know of a "Shot of the Day" on any given date, please get back to me at your convenience: eMail Webmaster at NRCC Senior Mens Golf

Past-Event Results

To see an Archive of Shots of the (Tues)Days go to:
NRCC SGA Archived Shots the (Tues)Days Web Page

If you witnessed or executed another "Shot of the Day" on any of the above dates as part of SGA Tuesday, just send us an eMail

If you are interested in Senior Tuesday Results:
2012 Events Were Cancelled.
Senior Tuesday - Reward WEBSITE Leaders for the Year

If I find some results - or, feedback information is passed onto me, I will update this Senior Tuesday page.

Note: Points and $$ mentioned, below, are UNOFFICIAL and are used as reported for the convenience of this Website.
Only the Pro-Shop records are official. Thank you!


Total WEBSITE Reward Points
(1st and Ties: 10pts)
(2nd and Ties: 5pts - If Paid)
(3rd/Lower and Ties: 2pts - if Paid)

Total Reward $$$

Some Player Some Pts. Some Reward $

Tuesday General Rules
Unofficial! See the Pro Shop on the day of the event for official rules.

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