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NRCC SGA LGA Centurion

June 30, 2011

The Players

Lakes - June 30, 2011
Format: Modified Super-Ball Two Player Best Ball Net

Each player drives. Select one drive and, then, all players complete the hole from there.
Slightly reduced handicaps; check with the pro if you care what slightly is!

Bill O'Connor
Susan Mitchell
Chris Simson
George McGregor
Norm Chambers
Dick Weiss
Marcy Garside
Suzanne Fajgenbaum
Al Spicer
Marty Gross
Linda Bucklen
Wendy Honeycutt
John Purves
Linda Powell
Nancy Gillespie
Sharon Yancey
Peggy Poole
Charles Stiefel
Pat Gillespie
Jean Mills
Bill Poole
Al Watson
Penny Heyel
Susan Purves
Dave Shogren
Blake Garside
Carole Brown
Barbara Myers
Jim Sapp
Tony Milanese
Fran Twisdale
Marilyn McGregor
Dick Myers
Kim Morgan
Jay Brown
Zora Lynch
Mary Williams
Doris Watson
Willis Hedgepeth
Carol Sculley
Glenn Powell
Libby Johnson
Jan Milanese
Grace Smith
Linda Chambers
Jeannine Sapp
Bonner Jones
Greg Lynch
Proximity Winners
Hole-1 Al Watson

Hole-6 Bill O'Connor

Hole-9 Blake Garside

Hole-13 Susan Purves

Hole-14 Dick Myers

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Some Photos of the Day


Some Players
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Some Of The Course

He Hit The Green With This Shot!
Through the trees, over the cart path, over the mounds protecting the 2nd green - Onto the green.
In 30-years, I had never seen a player "over there".
Fun. To watch... The player was not smiling until the ball was on the green.

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